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2024 Dates Now Available for Enrollment

2024 Dates for NePoPo® New Gold School are now available for enrollment!

I'm proud to be apart of the NePoPo® community and I'm very excited to offer New Gold School opportunities for students here in Montana!

For those that graduate Silver/New Silver School you are eligible to enroll in my New Gold School here in Montana (visit for more information on enrolling in Silver).

Here are the details of what students can expect with these courses:

5 days of in person application and instruction in all things NePoPo® geared towards all disciplines of dog training.

- Pet Obedience/Behavior Modification

- Tracking/Trailing

- Protection/Sport

- Detection

- Retrieve

Bring your own dog and/or we can work to have a dog available for you to practice concepts.

All students will also receive access to our NePoPo® video learning content on We will also be setting aside evening time for small business development discussion.

Breakfast and lunch will be provided and evenings can be spent hiking, floating river, fly fishing, drinking local beer, acting out scenes from Yellowstone: it's up to you!

Click HERE for more information on what to expect during New Gold School. Happy to jump on a call with anyone interested to define the full scope of my New Gold Schools! I am also happy to offer insight into how to make this trip a full on vacation.

Come learn NePoPo® concepts in Big Sky Country : Dream. Dare. Do. in Montana!

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