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2024 NePoPo® New Gold School Calendar : I am FLEXIBLE!

The more I talk with New Silver School graduates and field questions about class size and date options one theme comes through: there is a diverse scope of need out there!

As I build out the 2024 schedule I want everyone to know : Overall - I am flexible!

(well at least my schedule has flexibility)

I do, however, want a minimum of 3 students per school - I find a large portion of learning comes from watching others train and having discussions on theory and practice. I also like seeing a group build each other up, make connections and move forward as an affiliate network in this often isolating and venomous industry. - Want specific dates? Let me know!

- Want a closed group of friends/peers? I can work to accommodate that!

- Want to stay longer than 5 days? That may be possible.

Right now I am aiming to build out a schedule of 5 day long programs (Mon - Friday) with the option to come earlier or stay later to watch/work with my working dog club (meets Sundays). I want a minimum of 3 students and I will cap the class at 10.

As of right now lodging is on the student to figure out (Missoula is an easy drive away) but I AM working on a fun new option for 2024...Glamping anyone?

Will be working on locking in the 2024 New Gold School Schedule here over the next month. Please drop me a line with any questions!


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