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First NePoPo® New Gold School in the Books!

Congratulations to this AMAZING group of driven individuals for graduating NePoPo® New Gold School here in Montana!

Days were PACKED with discussion and application of NePoPo with a variety of dogs as well as role playing games with fellow students. We discussed application of concepts in pet training and working K9s. We had a day dedicated to tracking/trailing concepts as well as bite work. One evening we all met in the yurt after dinner for a discussion on project management and small business development as well. To graduate students also needed to illustrate a strong understanding of Martin System equipment.

As a teacher it was a privilege to have this dedicated group travel in from around the country. Everyone came with an amazing attitude paired with impressive ignition to learn. The culture of the week was outstanding and supportive through and through. Wrapped the long week with a group float on the Clark Fork River to celebrate:)

Cheers and congrats to all. Can’t wait to see what you all do in your careers and expertise Chad MillerTommy MeredithAndrew WeidenbachCaleaha FugelsethDon ShawChaz GriderAmy CrockerAlexa WalshJoe Hodge

Special thank you to Bart Bellon and Michael Bellon for being master coaches to us all and building a valuable culture in the dog training industry.

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