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Had a Wonderful Time at New Silver School : March 2024

Dear NePoPo®ers,

Amazing week (still recovering, reflecting and catching up on rest haha)

To the driven students who dug in, studied hard and brought great questions in study group - congratulations! (ps I sent out emails to everyone on the list from study group - so drop me a line if you didn't get one or want to be added to email list)

To the GMs: thanks for being rad, positive, supportive AND doing so well in front of camera...loved seeing the genuine responses you all gave to my line of questioning. It gave me an opportunity to learn a bit more about/from each of you.

Joe Hodge: ma boi. Love teaching with you man

To Bart Bellon and Michael Bellon - simply put thank you for creating and facilitating all of this.

There are 2 ways I can describe Nepopo Training to those who have not been apart of these schools.

1) its a training system that understands and combines advantages of all training systems.

2) its a philosphy on creating full power, ownership and attitude in training (among many other things). It is a training culture that, if truly understood, encourages the handler to start seeing trends and linking systems not just in dogs, but in themselves and the world around them.

Always a joy to chat, geek, discuss, teach, learn and film at these events.

Cheers and happy training everyone!

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