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New Gold School Student Homework #1 : 'WHIPLASH'

For those that completed New Silver School - you had a great list of homework. Those videos and books should have helped introduce and fortify concepts related to the NePoPo® philosophy.

Often times by thinking of dog training concepts in a lens that has nothing to do with dogs...the linking systems of your brain may connect dots faster.

For this reason, I have a couple other homework assignments I will require students to complete before coming to my New Gold School here in Montana.

Assignment #1 : Watch the movie 'Whiplash'

Aside from being one of my FAVORITE movies...I want NePoPo® students watching this while asking themselves the following questions:

1) How is ignition represented?

2) How is deep practice represented?

3) How is Master Coaching represented?

4) Think about toughness.

5) Was hope well balanced for protagonist? How bout the rest of the students?

6) What training systems were deployed?

7) Will Chris throw a cymbal at my head during Gold School and am I ok with that? (kidding)

*Fun Fact : JK Simmons is a University of Montana Graduate and is often seen around town during homecoming.

New Gold School will be all about application and hands on learning. Before cutting students loose to practice drills - I want to have an in depth discussion on the role of master coaching in dog training. How that role changes with each that role changes for different disciplines....and also, how that role changes when you are dealing with the biggest X factor in the dog training business = the human student holding the leash.

Regardless of whether you are a NePoPo® student or plan on coming to New Gold School here in Montana - this movie is definitely worth a watch!

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