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New Gold School Student Homework #2 : Work Your Pack Video Course

When running a dog training business...understanding and applying NePoPo® concepts is half the battle... Being able to break down process into a training plan for paying customers is a whole different beast.

I want all students that will be attending my New Gold School to watch down our 'Foundational Obedience' course on Work Your Pack (my video learning website). This series is homework for ALL our pet training clients. It covers dog psychology, markers, building behaviors, activation pressure, correction pressure and applying commands to real world situations. It is NePoPo® using a leash and, in my opinion, a nice balance of theory and practice to get handlers well versed in basics...without going too overboard in terminology and complexity.

Here is a sample video on 'Why Dogs Do?'

Here is another sample 'Behavior Building Theatre'

We will also spend some time discussing blooms cognitive taxonomy (I know that sounds like a mouthful) but is actually really fascinating as it relates how humans learn. I want everyone being introspective on where THEY are in this pyramid with different NePoPo® concepts while also discussing different strategies for making sure paying customers/clients journey through this pyramid for long term understanding/success.

We spend lots of time analyzing the k9 brain for long term learning...important to also set aside time to understand the learning process of the human brain...especially for those that want to run/grow a successful dog training business.

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