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For those looking to attend our New Gold schools in Montana or Arizona, Joe and I decided it would be helpful for a live online webinar series to get students going on guided NePoPo® foundation application from home BEFORE attending our in person school. Students will watch pre produced video content then jump in an online classroom pre loaded with helpful documents and diagrams. Joe and I will then jump in to have live video discussions with students on first steps for NePoPo® alphabet and application. We will give everyone homework to practice before our next meetup! The video webinar series will cover topics (including but not limited to):

  • Reviewing theory from New Silver School

  • Understanding NePoPo® alphabet of key behaviors

  • Charging terminal markers with dynamite (for food or play)

  • Dopamine box foundations

  • Klack klack foundations

  • Retrieve foundations

  • Understanding Martin System® Gear

Our goal is to get students started in application process so they are ripe for more nuanced coaching when they come for in person instruction at New Gold School.

For any questions on upcoming New Gold Schools please do not hesitate to drop me a line : Cheers and happy training!

Michael Bellon and Bart Bellon and BCBB are the owners of the NePoPo® trademark, the teaching concept and the Know-How and intellectual property related to it. All trademarks used with permission. 

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