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What Does it Take to Earn a Cert at NePoPo® New Gold School Montana?

Students must illustrate a mastery of ALL dog training systems : Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of positive reinforcement and negative reinforcement training systems and how NePoPo® combines the advantages of BOTH systems with the primary goal of a dog that executes behavior on cue every time with heart and soul.

Students expressed understanding of NePoPo® as it relates to both the pet and working dog industry in an effort to help as many dogs as possible while also being fully aware of the legal framework of animal welfare and proper husbandry. 

Students illustrated how to be an ideal E collar user within the NePoPo® system : fully understanding Martin System® gear and how to best implement into practice to achieve enthusiasm and harmony in training. 

Students were exposed to ideas and concepts on how to incorporate NePoPo® philosophy into aspects of working dog practice : detection, tracking/trailing, bite work and retrieve. 

Students engaged in small business discussion learning about the triple constraints of project management : (Scope, Schedule, Cost) so they can effectively deliver on expectations and grow as entrepreneurs. 

Most of all, every individual that graduated exhibited ignition to be forever students taking the skills learned during their time here in Montana and continue to practice and grow throughout their career. They all engaged in a humble, curious and supportive learning culture and proved that they are industry leaders committed to helping clients/students grow in the language of modern dog training : NePoPo®.

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